No. 4 Nii Anege Akwei Link, High St., Dansoman, Accra

About Us

EKGS School

Located in Dansoman, Accra, EKGS Culinary Institute was established in 1991 as EKGS enterprise, a confectionery providing food services to its extensive clientele. With the onslaught of it’s business development policy, EKGS expanded and transformed into an institute in March 1998 as a training center providing training programs in the field of culinary arts.

With a few out impressive student enrolment then, the institute now enjoys an enviable student participation in its culinary training programs both from within and internationally.

Presently, EKGS culinary institute runs intensive courses with flexible tuition payment clans and sessions to meet the needs of all ay offering contemporary, progressive programs covering both the design and business aspects of the culinary industry.

Students are given the opportunity to work with varieties of modern tools and equipment as well as access to support based well-stocked retail outlets to provide all the needs of students and partners in the culinary industry.

The diverse curriculum attracts men and women across the globe with various aspirations: plans to become a designer or chef for retail or to work independently as a freelance designer or chef, a goal of owning and operating their own business or a desire to acquire design skills and knowledge for personal enjoyment.


To provide Convenient, accessible and reliable culinary products and services to our valued customers.