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Cake Making and Decorating with Sugar Arts

The cake making/decorating and sugar art program as the name suggests is a 4-6 month intensive program. It offers the beginner who has no knowledge in this field the opportunity to learn the baking of basic cake recipes with emphasis on the American, British and Australian styles of cake making. The course is segmented into the basic, intermediate and advanced phases all put together which is why our valued students term it as the "Master Sugar Arts Course".

At EKGS Culinary Institute, our cake making/decorating with sugar art program does not just entail the focus on sugar craft. We furnish each student with the diverse ways of making cakes to make the prospective designer or chef well equipped to cater for the needs of every consumer. Our tailor-made cake making/decorating with sugar art program provides each student with a valuable wealth of tools and equipment which enables the student to grasp the benefits of our tuition as well as kick-start their careers after the completion of this program.

Our "classes for everyone" are designed for the beginners but are challenging to be enjoyed by experienced designers. Each fun and informative class focuses on one concept. As you create beautiful decorations, you will learn the elements and principles of cake making, decorations and sugar art as well as care and handling techniques.

The Whole program entails study sessions for advanced piping skills, sugar paste, flower molding, cake baking and decorating, presentation technique and business development presentations. A completed Master Sugar Art graduate is expected to be fully-fledged and equipped enough to offer professional cake decoration services of international standards.