Our diverse curriculum attract men and women across the globe with various aspirations;
plans to become a designer or chef for retail or work independently as a freelance designer or chef,
a goal of owning and operating their own business or desire to acquire design skills and knowledge for personal enjoyment.



The Cake Making/Decorating and Sugar Art program as the name suggests is a 5-month intensive program. It offers the beginner who has no knowledge in this field the opportunity to learn the baking of basic cake recipe with emphasis on the American, British and Australian style of cake making. The course is segmented into the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced phases all put together which is why our valued students term it as the "Master Sugar Arts Course". At EKGS Culinary Institute, our Cake Making/Decorating with Sugar Art program does not just entail the focus on sugar craft. We furnish each student with the diverse way of making cakes to make the prospective designer or chef well equipped to cater for the needs of every consumer. Our tailor-made Cake Making/Decorating with Sugar Art program provides each student with valuable wealth of tools and equipment which enables the students to grasp the benefits of our tuition as well as kick-start their careers after the completion of this program. Our “classes for everyone” are designed for beginners but are challenges to be enjoyed by experienced designers. Each fun and informative class focuses on one concept. As you create beautiful decorations, you will learn the elements and principles of Cake Making, Decorating and Sugar Art as well as Care and Handling Techniques. The whole program entails study sessions for Advanced Piping Skills, Sugar Paste, Flower Molding, Cake Baking and Decorating, Presentations Techniques and Business Development Presentations. A complete master sugar art graduate is expected to be fully-fledged and equipped enough to offer professional cake decorating services of international standards.

The whole program entails study sessions for Advanced Piping Skills, Sugar Paste, Flower Molding, Cake Baking and Decorating, Presentations Techniques and Business Development Presentations. A complete master sugar art graduate is expected to be fully-fledged and equipped enough to offer professional cake decorating services of international standards.

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EKGS Culinary Institute is the first institute in ghana that has the Wilton certification. Upon the successful completion of each course, students will be awarded a certificate that is issued and sent by Wilton Industries, USA.

4 days, 3hrs per course

Thousands of people just like you have experienced the excitement of decorating their first cake in Wilton method class. With your Wilton Method Instructor as your guide, you will see how easy and rewarding it is to decorate wonderful cakes and other dessert that will delight your family and friends. Course One is the perfect place to start. Your instructor will show you the right way to decorate, step by step. You will share the fun with other students, who encourage you along the way. As you learn each new decorating skill, you gain a sense of pride in your accomplishments. Plus, you will be able to share your delicious result with family and friends!

Build on your skills you learnt in Course One! Your helpful instructor will introduce you to many dramatic techniques to make your cakes unforgettable. Master elegant new borders featuring rosettes,reverse shells and rope designs.give your cakes incredible dimension with the addition of bold color flow decoration. Create lovely new flowers like rosebuds, daisies, daffodils, mums and more. Use these flowers in a grand finale for an impressive flower basket cake using the interwoven basketweave technique.

Discover a great new way to add excitement to your cake using these easy-to-shape icings. In this new course, you will experience a variety of fondant techniques and beauty of decorating with gum paste. You will create flowers and accents with beautiful detail. You will see how to use tools to cut and shape amazing textured ribbons and borders. Each new technique will prepare you to decorate a grand finale cake you will be proud to take home.

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PME Professional Master Diploma course in Cake Decorating- Qualification awarded by PME(UK)

Individual: 5 days, 15 hrs per module

PME Professional Diploma, Sugar Paste module

Basic Technics:
Coating, crimping & embossing, fabric effects, textured drapes, frills ribbons, bows & sugar embroidery, modeling fun figures, textures, inlay applique’ and more.. PME Professional Diploma-Sugar Flowers Module Unwired and wired flowers, fantasy flowers, roses, orchids, lilies, cherry blossom, gerbera, chrysanthemums, freesia, dahlia, garden pinks, black berries, seasonal flowers. Alternatives to sugar flowers, arranging sugar flowers and more.

PME Professional Diploma: Royal Icing & Piping

Coating, templates, scroll borders, run out collars & extension, borders, brush embroidery, lace designs, run out motifs, cake balance, multi-tiered cakes, packaging, transport and more.

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The Pastry Art program is a fully loaded program designed to equip the beginners to become a professional pastry chef. The course is structured on the in-house EKGS method whereby the coursework is presented in a cycle consisting of lecture and demonstration make up to 25% of the program with practice and critique making up 75%.

A range of pastries, appetizers,hors d’oeuvres, doughs, cakes etc from both continental and local sources are studied. Support based courses such as kitchen hygiene, business practices for chefs are also studied to equip the students to become a professional pastry chef.

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At EKGS Culinary Institute, our Cookery Art program offers the Beginner the opportunity of a fully fledged cookery chef. The Cookery Art program also follows the result oriented EKGS Method which consists of 25% lectures and demonstration and 75% practice and critique.

The program wields a connection with it’s twin; the Pastry Art program which is why a completed graduate in both Pastry Art and Cookery Art is well equipped to be a master chef. The 2 months program encompasses the aspects of sauces, soups, salads, dishes under fish, meat and many more from both the local and continental domain. The program over the years has attracted recognition from the top notch cuisines, restaurants and hotels across the length and breadth of the nation.

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At EKGS Culinary Institute, our 5 months Balloon, Ribbon and Floral Art program encompasses the aspects of Balloon,Ribbon and Floral Decoration. This program equips the beginner students to become a master professional decorator ranging from proms, wedding, birthdays, social and corporate events. The students is introduced to the business practice aspects of providing decorating solution for whatever the event might be. This all inclusive program is a complete version.

Known widely amongst our students as the master floral program, this program has attained recognition nationwide as graduates have exhibited impressive decorating practice over the years. The program fellows a constant curriculum revision to meet changing trends on the international market due to the diverse nature of the culinary profession.

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