No. 4 Nii Anege Akwei Link, High St., Dansoman, Accra

Balloon Ribbon & Floral Art

At EKGS Culinary Institute, our 4 - 5 months balloon, ribbon and floral art program encompasses the aspects of balloon, ribbon and floral decoration. This program equips the beginner student to become a master professional decorator. With emphasis on all aspects of event decor ranging from proms, weddings, birthdays, social and corporate events. The student is introduced to the business practice aspects of providing decorating solutions for whatever the event might be. This all inclusive program is a complete version.

Known widely amongst our students as the master floral program, this program has attained recognition nationwide as graduates have exhibited impressive decorating practice over the years. The program follows a constant curriculum revision to meet changing trends on the international market due to the diverse nature of the culinary profession.