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Admission Fees

Cake Making & Sugar Art (Mainstream)3 – 4 Months3, 4002, 20013796,979.00
Cake Making & Sugar Art (Detail Short Course)1 month2, 6502, 650.00
Balloon / Ribbon & Floral Deco Art (Detailed Short Course)3 – 4 months2, 9001, 200671.504,771.50
Balloon / Ribbon & Floral Deco Art (Detailed Short Course)1 month2, 8002,800
Pastry Making (Mainstream)2 – 3 months2, 9001, 200758.004,858
Pastry Making (Detailed Short Course)3 weeks2, 8002, 800
Cookery Art (Mainstream)6 weeks – 2 months2, 9001, 2006484, 748
Cookery Art (Detailed Short Course)3 weeks2, 8002, 800
Short Courses2 – 5 daysAmount is stated by the course typeKindly check by course type

NB: Kindly note that our Cake Making/ Sugar Art courses (both detailed short course and mainstream are inclusive of tools and ingredients

  • Project work will be funded by students for certification
  • All courses will be completed with a project work for certification
  • All course fees are subject to change
  • All fees paid are non transferable/refunded once paid.
  • A penalty of 40% will be levied on tuition for no show

Financial Information

    The admission fee represents the cost of the wealth of knowledge imparted. With basic course requirements. This component must be paid for 7 days upon notification of admission
    This component consists of utility usage as in water, electricity, gas, wear and tear maintenance fen. sanitary charges and COVID 19 prevention materials This fee should be settled within 20 days’ study’ the program
    Tools and equipment represents the total cost of tools and equipment provided by the institute for the intermediate and advanced part of the program. There is no determined cost for this component at the moment.
    Graduation expenditure represents the total cost of registration, displays / exhibition and ticketing for a quota of specified attendees per graduate
    This comprises of Student expenses covering purchases of ingredients and materials and personal costs such as transportation and other related costs.
    EKGS culinary institute offers very flexible payment plans. These payment plans have been structured to enable flexible payment terms for all. However, management urges students to honor their financial obligations with the stipulated fee payment deadlines This ensures a smooth flow of the tuition provided.
    Facilities for retail of items used by students for training are also available at discounted prices. These facilities are in place to ease the financial burden on students.
    Also such favorable payment does not end after completion of the student’s training program. It is extended by way of each student being given a free discount card for a period to enable the students gain access to industry supplies at discounted prices