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Training Calendar & Guide

The training calendar at EKGS Culinary Institute runs as follows:

Semester one January to June — begins January ending through to June.
Semester two June to December — begins in mid-June and ends in early December

All courses are run with the above mentioned class sessions, however there exists daily class sessions in the form of:
Morning class
Afternoon class
Evening class
Weekend class

Program Menu Cake Making and Decorating with Sugar Art (B I A M)
• EKGS Method

• Wilton (USA) method

• PME (UK) method

Cookery Arts (B I A M)
Pastry arts (B I A M) ‘Please find details of each program in the subsequent pages.

*B — Basic ‘I — Intermediate ‘A — Advance ‘M —Master


Dress Code
Per culinary ethics, the institute has prescribed a dress code for all the students as prescribed below

  • Men
    Men are mandated to wear an white shin y dark coloured trousers (brown, navy or gray) and strictly t and brown or black shoes.
  • Ladies
    Lades are mandated to wear only skirts in black, skirts must have a length of at least to the knee level and must be styled conservatively. Ladies’ shirts, camisoles and blouses of any style must be strictly white and must have their necklines above the breast line. Polo shirts will be provided
  • Orientation / Open day
    Every program session is preceded by an open house orientation ceremony which spells out the program and inaugurates the commencement of the program. Kindly contact administration to find out about the open house event since attendance is mandatory for all.