Student Guide

Dress code
Per culinary ethics, the institute has prescribed a dress code for all the students as pescribed

‘Men are mandated to wear any dark coloured trousers (brown, navy or gray) and strictly
white shirt and brown or black shoes.

Ladies are mandated to wear only shirts in black, skirts must have a length of at least to the knee
level and must be styled conservatively. Ladies’ shirts, camisoles and blouses of any style must be
strictly white and must have their necklines above the breast line. Polo shirts will be provided.

Orientation / Open day
Every program session is preceded by an open house orientation ceremony which spells out the
program and inaugurates the commencement of the program. Kindly contact administration
to find out about the open house event since attendance is mandatory for all

Getting started
Once a prospective applicant decides to sign up for a program at EKGS Culinary Institute, he / she
must meet the follow criteria;

1. Be able to read and write.

2. Must have at least education up to high schoo! level.

3, Must be at least 16 years of age.
Once any prospective applicant meets the above requirements, he or she ha to follow these three steps.

1. Submit a completed application form,

2. Follow up on the result of the application either through phone, email or in person.

3. Upon receipt of your letter of admission, you are advised to follow the enrollment
procedures within the specified time in order to guarantee your admission status,

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